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The best eTourism conference kicks off in Cape Town this morning and the expectations are high.
This, the 3rd annual conference held in Cape Town this year, is becoming more and more popular and important within the travel community, off and online.
The topics covered this year, focus a lot on the post 2010 activities, and how the local travel community needs to be paying attention to making the swell in awareness work for them to impact bottom line via online and social media.
Can’t wait to hear what the feedback will be…
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Steve Jobs really knows how to shake things up. The build up to the iPad launch tonight has been amazing.
All I want for Christmas, No, for my birthday is a new 64Gb iPad!

Well done WordPress.

You have changed my life!

Next: the iPhone App configuration… I’m excited now. Seriously!

Religious experience indeed.

Well, here I am…

All I need to do now is migrate or integrate my old blog: