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Decided to spoil my lovely wife last night on the eve of het first trip to Nigeria.
We booked in to the Southern Sun Hyde Park in Johannesburg, and had an awesome meal, great time alone to catch up, and also enjoyed being in a superior room.

The trip has been delayed by a day or so, but we’ve had such a good time catching up and making eachother feel special again.
Time away from it all really helps!


This past long weekend, I tried three different French Toast spots and I must say that the decision hasn’t been easy. See if you can spot the best one here and guess where these are from:


Janine is super excited about a new look and new range of delectable homemade health stuff. AmaRusks is expanding thanks to Michele too, and this is what it looks like…

What a treat today. Matt White, Daniel James and Xander had oils, sculptures and music on display in a lovely afternoon setting.

What a wonderful excuse to have desert for breakfast: French Toast!
See how good it looks… Tastes even better!

Some of my new friends

After being diagnosed with Adrenal Stress Syndrome, I’m having to take a few of these every morning and evening, not miss meals, sleep more and get into bed earlier, not to mention exercise 3 times a week!
Good times!

Lie To Me ROCKS!

Janine and I managed to get through 8 of the 12 episodes of season one and we’re absolutely hooked!
What an amazing show. It’s got it all and I can’t wait for more, not to mention season Two.

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Best way to start the day

Coffee or rather home made cappuccino with my kids in bed! There is no better way to start the day

Traffic in the wet

Pancakes, coffee, fireplace squatting sounds like the best way to spend the weekend!