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A lovely Saturday

What a great day today. Breakfast with the whole family at Cafe 11 45, girls had a pool party, Janine and the boys crashed at home. I got bread rolls and biltong for lunch. Caught up on some Lost. Took a drive with Axel and fetched the girls and McDonalds milk shakes… Virgin braai at work and a brainstorm late night. Sho! What a day!


Celebration of 10 years

10 Years old today!

Who’s teaching whom?

Axel and Milo out front this afternoon… I found them checking each other out.


Quote: “life is miserable with out an iPhone and life is miserable if you don’t have a dad with an iPhone”

What a wonderful excuse to have desert for breakfast: French Toast!
See how good it looks… Tastes even better!

This is how I found her, still fast asleep and looking like one of the cast from the movie Hangover!

After being away for a whole week with his Granny and Grand Pa at the seaside, Axel finally returns today.
We can’t wait!
We missed him so much and this crazy, busy, noisey, hectic house just isn’t the same if we’re not all in it together!
Even his little brother is feeling the void: none of that rough play from big brother

After having a banana peanutbutter smoothy for breakfast this morning, I can’t help thinking that it’s just not the same as breakfast at Salvation Cafe yesterday: best French Toast in town with best friends making it even better. Go try it for yourselves… 44 Stanley near the Milpark Hospital.

Ice Princesses

My girls just before the start of the show at Monte Casio, which happened to be the last sold out show of Cindarella On Ice.

First day back at school

All ready to make this new school year one to remember! The girls are ready. Set. Go!